Brian Looney

Poetry. Art. Yoyo.

Me About

Shall we start with the basics?  I'm from Albuquerque, NM USA.  I was born in 1985, the year Marty McFly traveled back in time.  I've read more classic literature than your average PhD.  I love my work.  I love developing.

Poetry:  I've been writing prose poetry since 2006.  I write solely because I love the way it feels.  I cannot stomach rhyme or meter.  I don't have a favorite poet, but my favorite writer is Marcel Proust.  

Pen and Ink:  I love to draw with fine and extra fine pen.  Sharpie, Pilot--these are my tools.  My art is highly detailed and focuses on perspective, texture, stippling, contrast.  I've been drawing since 2013.  I am almost always creating something.  For newest pieces, check my Instagram.

Yoyo Looping:  The yoyo is a timeless instrument, dating as far back as ancient Greece.  "What is looping?" you may ask.  Watch a video, and you will see.  Comprehend the physics.  Imagine how it feels.  I started looping in 2013.